Judy's Day


An Introduction to Judy's Day.

A short biography of Judith Abrams.

Pictures and reports from the events

Judy's Day 2000.

Judy's Day 2001.

Judy's Day 2002.

Judy's Day 2004.

An Introduction to Judy's Day.

Judy's Day is a hands-on program that explores a unique theme. It takes place both at the Cornell Plantations and in local schools.

A short biography of Judith Abrams.

Judy was our friend, our teacher, our mentor, and a wonderful, giving person. Her family and friends have made this day possible so that we can celebrate Judy's love of life, work, kids, and the natural world.

About the Cornell Plantations.

Cornell Plantations is a museum of living plants encompassing the arboretum, gardens, and natural areas of Cornell University. Plantations provides many educational programs for Cornell students, children, and adults.

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